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Owner Ann Bush-Cassady
Owner Anne Bush-Cassady

About Fresco Furnishings

Fresco Furnishings is an eclectic furniture resale shop on the West Fifth Avenue strip of Columbus, Ohio, that offers furniture and home décor for every room of the house. Whether you are relocating, downsizing or redecorating, Fresco is the ideal consignment store to buy or sell your pieces.

With an ever-changing inventory, Fresco Furnishings is restocked with new merchandise daily and offers a diverse selection ranging from one-of-a-kind artwork to unique furniture and home accessories. The 4,800-square-foot shop houses thousands of pieces of furniture and accessories.

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About the owner

Anne Bush-Cassady began her resale retail career in 1989 as co-owner of Trader Tots, a maternity and children’s shop on West Fifth Avenue in Grandview Heights, and she opened Fresco Furnishings down the street in 2007. Over the years, her goal has remained the same.

“Our job is to make shopping easy and fun for the people who come into our store,” she says. “We want people to feel at ease, find something fun and have a great shopping experience. We want our customers to come back often.”

A former interior designer, Bush-Cassady describes Fresco Furnishings as “an upscale consignment furniture resale store with many different styles.” Her customers are as varied as young professionals looking to decorate their first home to retirees aiming to downsize or find furniture to fit a smaller space.

“We carry high-end, one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as that perfect sofa or chair to make a room come together,” she says. “They may be items people have brought back from a trip around the world, they may be ethnic pieces, or may be a family piece that has some history.

“We sell original pieces of art, and hopefully merchandise that will catch the consumers’ eye and something you won’t see at the big-box stores.”

She describes consignment as the process where “we do all the heavy lifting for our customers. We do the pricing, merchandising and advertising to bring people into the store and then we split the selling price. Then all the seller needs to do is pick up their money.”

Fresco Furnishings is one of several consignment resale shops located along Grandview’s Fifth Avenue corridor. That works to everyone’s advantage, Bush-Cassady claims.

“Fifth Avenue is a great place to come and shop,” she says. “We have a variety of shopping choices, a lot of different consignment stores. We would like to be your favorite on the street and for you to come to our store first, but every store has its own flavor.

“You are not going to find a cookie-cutter shopping experience if you come to Fifth Avenue.”